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Sophia G.

At the request of my counselors at the Kaiser drug treatment program, I entered Amicus House in May 2008. At the time I was only interested in getting the courts off my back and getting away from the horrible living situation I was in. I knew I needed help, but still thought I could do it on my own. With the help of the Amicus staff, I was able to develop a willingness to get a sponsor and work the steps. I started talking to my family again, I developed freindships, and I gained back some of the self-esteem that I had lost. At the Residential house I started on the path to sobriety, but it’s because of the continued support at the SLE that I was able to continue my journey. I am not sure if I would’ve been able to make it if it wasn’t for the SLE.

Today I am employable, I have the best relationship with my parents that I have ever had, and I am actually back in school. I have even been accepted to San Jose State University! But it’s not just about the material stuff that I have gained, it’s also about the emotional and spiritual well-being that I have attained.

You don’t have to be 50yrs old and ready to die to be able to get this program. I am only 25yrs old and have 2yrs of sobriety. There is a large group of young people that have gotten sober even at the age of 18! You can do it if you want it!