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Gary B.

On March 17th 2003 I was once again arrested for DUI and drug possetion. I had been in this exact position many times in the past so it almost felt ” normal “. Only this time was very different. Instead of the usual sixteen weekends cleaning parks for the county, stiff fines, lawyer fees, 18 month multiple offender classes, and maybe a week in jail.I was faced with a new reality. I had become a danger to society and the court system wanted to send me to prison for 32 months. I needed help but had no idea where to go or what to do. For the next 6 months after my arrest I continued to drink and use drugs and was extremely deppressed. Until my attorney refered me to the Amicus House and I interviewed with Lori J. and staff. I entered the facility in Dec. 2003.For the first time in my life I began to understand addiction and live a sober productive life one day at a time. I completed the 9 month program and I have been sober since. I am an active member of AA with a sponsor and a book that I read with regularity. My court case was reduced to six months and suspended in liew of my completion of the Amicus House program. Today I keep my sobriety first over bussiness and personal and as a result I am successfull at all of the above. My deep appreciation for Lori J. her staff and the Amicus House program will never fade. I am forever gratefull.

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