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George A.

After forsaking the red flags and warning signs of addiction for many years, I found myself with a chagrined option of being incarcerated or seeking help in a recovery program. Luckily my family was still supportive and not only encouraged rehabilitation and recovery but found Amicus House . On my court date we were met by Lori Johnson and though feeling unsettled in this turbulent time she made the situation seem optimistic. At Amicus House feeling the anguish and trepidation of my situation I was quickly shown that there is a better way to live.Through the honesty and open heartness of the staff I began to believe in myself and what could be accomplished. It was then that the obsession and compulsion to alter who I really am was lifted. This is truly the miracle. Then on to their S.L.E. where I learned to successfully merge back into society.Now in my recovery I am enrolled in Amicus House Aftercare program where new questions can be addressed. The Amicus House Program of recovery has given me a “second chance at a first class life.” For this I will be forever GRATEFUL.

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