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Reggie V.

My name is Reggie V. I entered Amicus House in January 2004. I was dealing with an addiction to Meth for 10 years. This addiction caused me to loose my family, good friends, jobs and most of all self respect. My life consisted of a horible cycle of drugs and jail. My final and last opportunity was presented to me from God and my Family to get help. I took the opportunity! I knew I needed it and I wanted it very bad. A friendly face from Amicus House came and picked me up from the San Jose main Jail. I entered this program and I was taught how to love and respect myself again. I not only learned valuable principles from the staff but I learned from my peers inside this program going through the same issues dealing with the same type of problems I was going through. I built friendships that helped me get through this process and transition. We were able to work together and help each other. Amicus House provided me a foundation for life and created new healthy friendships for me.

Since January 2004 My life has been a life I would never have dreamed it could be. I owe so many thanks to God and to the Staff at Amicus House. I will always be grateful !!