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The Work Release Program at Amicus House is designed to provide an alternative to the closure of the County Work Furlough. We have designed a program based on input from Santa Clara County Judges, Deputy District Attorneys, and Probation Officers.

The Work Release Program clients are allowed to leave the facility for a maximum of 10 hours per day, 5 days per week for verifiable employment or education. If the Court deems appropriate, 12-step meetings, domestic violence classes, parenting classes, drinking driver classes, etc. would also be incorporated in the curriculum. We do not allow passes or movement throughout the community, except for the above, to create a more custodial experience while affording the opportunity to avoid loss of employment and creating further burden on the community.

In many circumstances the clients are required to participate in the first month in a 24-hour supervised residential counseling facility to ensure stability and appropriateness of community work release movement. (See residential treatment for description and cost on Program Details page.)

Amicus House provides monitoring staff during all hours of the clients’ presence at the facility, unlike at a sober living environment. We also provide staffing to verify, more closely, our clients whereabouts when out of the facility. We can accommodate additional monitoring services, if necessary, such as electronic or alcohol monitoring devices.

Amicus House, Inc. has built a reputation and will continue our commitment to uphold the strictest of accountability and reporting to maintain a level of integrity the community has become accustom.

Cost: $1100 per month

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