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Arlene and Steve Sande

My child has returned to me. A year ago she was living on the steets not even in contact with her family. I now speak with her every day and see the peace that is in her.

Julianne S.

Amicus House, Inc. was one of the first treatment providers certified under the Certification Guidelines and has remained certified and in good standing to date. Amicus Homes are clean, organized and well supervised.

Chris C.

You have changed my life. Thank you for instilling in me the self respect, pride, and fight I once had.

Judge of the Superior Court

Their integrity was impeccable at all times, and I relied on them to assist me in coming up with a proper treatment program for their clients.

Burdette Pontier

We could not have chosen better neighbors than Amicus House next door.

Charles W. Hayden

I highly recommend both the program and Lori Johnson to any court considering a relationship with a treatment provider.

Judge of the Superior Court, Retired

Jimmy L.

I am so grateful for Lori Johnson and her exceptionally wonderful staff at the Amicus House in San Jose, Calfornia. They have helped me changed my life once again! As a client, I have learned how to live my life without the use of drugs and alcohol. Lori and her staff fully understand the life of an alcoholic and addict, and have structured their program to where the client is given information and suggestions on how to stay clean and sober. I highly recommend the Amicus House to anyone who is serious in their recovery.

Audrey B.

I wanted to say Thank You Amicus house and Staff, Feb 22nd I will be Celebrating 5yrs clean and Sober!! My life has changed due to the steps my sponsor and being at Amicus House the structure they provided me with in early recovery has stayed with me. I am now an employee of Amicus House where i get to give back what was so freely given to me .It is a joy to watch the clients change their lives like i have. Thank you again Amicus House and Staff!