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Amicus House provides comprehensive Outpatient Services.

The program curriculum is a rotating twelve week life skills building concept that includes:

  • Biology, Psychology, and Sociology of Addiction
  • Spiritual Component of Addiction
  • Family Orientation and Family Communication Group Session
  • Employment Education
  • Acceptance and Control and Conflict Resolution
  • Resentment and Expectations – The Trust Walk

These educational groups will be presented in such a way to allow clients to enter the twelve-week cycle at any interval.
In addition to the educational component, clients will receive group counseling and individual counseling on a weekly basis and random urinalysis testing throughout the treatment program.

Amicus House Inc. has built a reputation and will continue our commitment to uphold the strictest of accountability and reporting to maintain a level of integrity the community has come to expect from us.

Cost: $2400.00 for twelve week curriculum

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